Comparing Spine Widths

CitriDori Traveler's Notebook

All of our CitriDori refillable traveler’s notebooks are now available in several widths to accommodate as many (or as few!) inserts as you like.

Slim (2 Strings)

With the thinnist profile, CitriDori Slim is ideal for carrying from 1 to 3 inserts.  It’s trim silhouette makes it easy to toss in your bag on the go! 

(Style note: if your journal includes spine stitching it will be adjusted slightly to better suit the slender spine.)

Original (4 Strings)

The cover that started it all!  The CitriDori Original spine has 4 internal strings for 4 individual notebooks.  There is lots of room leftover, though, so you can use jump bands to expand your carry to 5 or 6 notebooks using the same cover.

Wide (6 Stings)

One of our two newest additions to the family: CitriDori Wide has 6 internal strings!  Similar to the Original and Slim you can still add a couple more with extra jump bands and really stuff it to the brim.

Chunky (8 Strings)

The biggest family member: CitriDori Chunky has a whopping 8 strings. This is a real workhorse!  Don’t worry, though: the tough construction of all our CitriDori covers means even at max capacity your work is well protected.

Not sure what to do with so many inserts? Chunky still feels nice in the hand with only 6 or 7 inside so this can be a great choice if you think you may need room to expand later down the road.

Here is a photo reference for you to compare:

CitriDori Thicknesses


Approximate capacities:

  • Slim: 1.5 – 4cm
  • Original: 2.75 – 5.5cm
  • Wide: 3.5cm – 6cm
  • Chunky: 4cm – 6.5cm

As always, if you are not sure which option if best for you please feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help out!

Happy Planning,

Fran + Ian McKay

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