Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

Builder: Why are some prices different?

Some of our designs will be sewn with multiple colours of thread, which adds to the time it takes to make each one.  Journals with higher starting prices will have this multicolour binding!

How many pages are in the books?


  • 100gsm Standard-  204 pgs
  • 120gsm Extra Smooth – 144 pgs
  • 140gsm Standard- 144 pgs
  • 225gsm Watercolour –  84 pgs


  • 100gsm Standard – 272 pgs
  • 120gsm Extra Smooth – 192 pgs
  • 140gsm Standard – 192 pgs
  • 225gsm Watercolour – 112 pgs


  • 100gsm Standard – 340 pgs
  • 120gsm Extra Smooth – 240 pgs
  • 140gsm Standard – 240 pgs
  • 225gsm Watercolour – 140 pgs


  • 100gsm Standard- 408 pgs
  • 120gsm Extra Smooth – 288 pgs
  • 140gsm Standard- 264 pgs
  • 225gsm Watercolour – 168 pgs

Insert/Refill Page Counts*

  • Our 100gsm inserts/refills have 68 pages.
  • 120gsm and 140gsm inserts/refills have 48 pages.
  • Calendars have 36 pages.
  • Watercolour inserts/refills have 28.

* all page counts consider both the front and back of each leaf of paper

Can I add to my order?

If you have an existing order that has not completed, and would like to add more items, please send us a message first! We can work with you on shipping discounts and revise your completion date as needed. 

(We would ask that you please not place your new order and then ask us to combine the shipping after, as these extra refunds can be harmful over time to our reputation with our credit card processor!)

How long does it take to receive my order?

HOLIDAY PROCESSING TIMES: Please note that current processing times are about 2 weeks for the holiday / new year season.  

We aim to post all orders in about a weeks time, though this can take longer during busy times of the year. Once posted, UK orders are typically received in 1-3 business days, EU orders are about a week on average, and orders to the US and the rest of the world are normally 7-10 business days. (Please understand, however, that customs can cause long delays with international orders.)

Can I personalize my journal?

We are happy to add a name, personal message, your favourite quote, etc. to the first interior page of traditional journals. Please reach out to us prior to placing your order to discuss your options.

Page Markers and Closures

Ribbon page markers and some sort of closure (elastic or ribbon depending on the aesthetic style) are standard on nearly all of my journals.  We can remove the page markers or swap ribbon / elastic closures if you like – just let us know your preferences when placing your order!

Custom Colours

All of my solid colour notebooks, journals, and traveler’s notebooks have been designed with coordinating ribbons, elastics, threads, etc – but I love mixing them up! There are too many possibilities for me to list them all, so please feel free to request your favourite color combination!

Some great examples: Purple/Teal, Ebony/Poppy, Steel/Meadow, Royal/Peel, Dove/Pink, Sky/White

If you don’t see the colours you want, send me a message first and I may still be able to accommodate your request!

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