Comparing Paper Choices


140gsm Standard Paper

An excellent quality all-purpose paper suitable for writing, drawing, fountain pens, and mixed-media journalling.  It is soft white in colour and uncoated with a very light tooth. This is our most popular choice, offering the least amount of show-through from front to back and still a good number of pages.  

120gsm Extra Smooth

This extra smooth paper is ideal for juicy fountain pens and brush lettering without wearing on your nibs.  With 20% cotton blended in, the surface is buttery smooth but uncoated so there is no unpleasant slickness or long drying times.  Page counts are the same as our 140gsm standard paper, but the finished books and inserts are considerably thinner due to the lighter weight and higher compression of the surface.

100gsm Standard Paper

The same quality and surface as our 140gsm standard paper in a thinner package! If you want the maximum number of pages we can pack into a book and you don’t mind a little ghosting then this is the paper for you!

All of our writing papers are available in a variety of patterns:

  • Blank
  • Ruled (Fine 5mm or Wide 6.5mm)
  • Dot Grid (Micro 3.5mm, Standard 5mm or Large 7mm)
  • Full Grid (Micro 3.5mm, Standard 5mm or Large 7mm)

We are also able to do specialist patterns such as isometric, french grid, & calligraphy on request!


140gsm Cartridge Paper

Our popular cartridge paper is also an excellent choice for artists!  The surface is uncoated so it grabs dry media without loosing depth, but the paper has also been internally sized for wet strength so watercolours and other paints also perform beautifully.

135gsm Coloured Paper

Our coloured papers are a lovely thickness with the perfect amount of tooth for beautiful work in graphite, coloured pencil, charcoals, pastels, and other dry media. (Some ink work is also lovely, though we don’t recommend it for super juicy inks as the paper is not treated for wet media).

Currently, we carry:

  • Black
  • Dark Grey
  • Pearl Grey
  • Medium Brown

More colours may be available soon!

Claire-ify: Selecting this option when choosing your paper details will allow you to choose more than one coloured paper in your journal, including our white 140gsm. By default, we will include as close to even amounts of each colour as we can and alternate every page. We will also try to make the middle “spread” of each section different as well throughout the book! If you would prefer us to make entire sections in a full colour or some other configuration, feel free to explain your request in the notes of your order and we will do our best to accommodate!

225gsm Watercolour Paper

A superb acid-free paper suitable for watercolour and other wet-media.  Our watercolour paper has a NOT finish (slightly rough) and is a mid-white shade.  It holds without fraying even through repeated layering and scrubbing.

Finally, all of our papers (standard and watercolour) are acid- and chlorine- free to ensure the longest possible lifetime for your precious work.

Still not sure? Try our Paper Sampler!

8 thoughts on “Comparing Paper Choices

  1. Denise says:

    Hi there, the drop down menu selections dont have many of these paper choices. How do I order fine ruled and tiny grid inserts?

  2. Mackenzie says:

    I’m curious how much difference there is between the number of pages for the 100 gsm over the 140 gsm? Roughly how many pages does each have?

  3. Karen Landreth says:

    How thick are the lay flat journals with the various paper thickness and number of pages? Ex: a chunky / 225gsm would be xxxx cm thick or a slim (least number of pages available) / 100gsm would be xxxx cm thick. Overall size (A5, B6, A6) shouldn’t matter, right?

    • Fran McKay says:

      In general the slim journals are approximately 2 cm, original is 2.5, wide is 3, and chunky is 3.5 cm. This can vary a little – the watercolour and junk journals are just a little thicker, and the 120gsm journals are just a little thinner, but that should give you a good idea for each.

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