Pen Tests, and New Paper!

If you’ve poked around the site lately you may have noticed we have a few changes to our paper lineup, including an exciting new 120gsm SMOOTH option!!  This is a gorgeous Italian-made paper with 20% cotton content.  The smooth felted surface means a more pleasing feel for some fountain pen and brush pen users who don’t care for the toothy feel of our standard papers. The colour is a soft white that leans just a shade more to ivory than our standard papers. The best part? It still has excellent bleed and show-through (ghost) defence!  The surface really shines with fountain pen inks allowing the character and translucency to show without taking ages to dry like some coated papers.

You will also see we have included a 100gsm version of our standard paper – this is a great choice for those who like us to pack as many pages as we can in our journals and don’t mind a bit more show-through due to the thinner weight of each page.

Finally, you will see that our 130gsm option has changed to 140gsm!  This is an ever-so-slightly improved stock from our 130 – it’s just a little bit brighter in colour, and the surface is just a little bit smoother.  If you are used to our 130gsm have no fear – you won’t notice a significant difference!

All of these changes and additions seemed like a perfect time for a pen test / comparison!  Here are images of the front and back of all three paper stocks with all the various pens, pencils, and markers I could find lying about.  These photos are completely unedited – in each back image you will see the expected show-through from the heavy sharpie marker.  As a solvent-based marker that is unavoidable without going up to a card stock or specialty marker paper, and we do not suggest using them in your journals, but I have included it so you can see how they perform.  Even though they ghost heavier than other inks – there was still no ink transference to the paper underneath even with the lightest 100gsm!

100gsm Standard


120gsm Extra Smooth


140gsm Standard

Still not sure? Try our sampler paper pack!

All four paperweights, and all of our available patterns in one handy little A6 package.

6 thoughts on “Pen Tests, and New Paper!

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  2. Carli says:

    Thank you for this! I am new to your site as I found you through a YouTube review. I’m so excited to order but was having anxiety about paper weight (every maker is slightly different). I was leaning towards watercolor as I use it heavily in my journal but I think that the 140gsm could handle it based on the pen test sheets. A picture is worth a thousand words right? Looking forward to getting my hands on your beautiful products.

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