The Citrus Bullet Journal

Holy WOW! – Citrus Book Bindery is going into its SIXTH YEAR!

We never dreamed that this little “creative outlet” would turn into the passionate force it has become. From a strange – and messy! – enterprise to create the PERFECT handmade paper in our tiny kitchen we veered and meandered into a pretty – and messy! – handmade book. It was crooked and flawed, but we really loved that little book, and it seemed like a fun idea to sell a few more to other artsy book lovers on Etsy. Never in a MILLION years could we have imagined the journey that would follow!

Someone who liked this mysterious thing called “bullet journaling” found our little Etsy shop and asked for “dot grid paper”…someone else asked us to help them with a bespoke project using some seriously gorgeous art paper…and still another thought we could make a pretty amazing refillable journal if we put our minds to it. Puzzle pieces started to fall into place, and Citrus Book Bindery started to become something a lot BIGGER than just a hobby.

Five. Years. Later. We have grown from a tiny little Etsy shop in a vast cold sea to our own warm island of calm, fun, and positivity. 2019 was not only our best year ever, but also saw the incredible growth of our AMAZING #NoWiFiRequired community. This coming together of passionate artists, creative writers, and stationery nerds not only gifted us with new friends, but also with an unexpected portal into the lives of the people that actually USE our products every day.

That view wasn’t always pretty.

In the middle of the love, humour, and creativity was a small but growing knot of worry over the long-term stability of our core product – our exposed spine books.The literal WEIGHT of that love could fatally break the spine!

We couldn’t have that.

So we set to work finding a solution to that fear – a book that inherits the BEST of our binding styles: a tough, stable hardcover and a flexible, comfortable lay flat. We present to you, my dearest CitriDorians, the NEW Citrus.

Five years in the making – it’s the best we’ve ever done. And it’s yours.



Videos aren’t really our forte, but here is a quick tour of how it all comes together!



This new book completely replaces our old hardcover journals – they really do make them obsolete! You can find all of them in all of our current beautiful styles right here: Citrus Bullet Journals

Nothing can replace those beautiful exposed spines, though – so you can still have those, too! We have given them an upgrade with an invisible protective coating for longevity to go with the love. They are all right here: Open Spine Books

We truly hope that you might find planner peace with our journals – as we have found our planner peace creating them for you.

All our love,

Fran + Ian

3 thoughts on “The Citrus Bullet Journal

  1. Rhonda says:

    But, but, but…I LOVE the exposed spine! The beautiful threads. The colors. The designs.
    Am I missing something? People DON’T like the exposed spine???
    Oh my…

    • Fran McKay says:

      The exposed spine journals are still available! They are under “open spine books” in the menu. The change affects only the original hardcover journals – they will no longer have visible stitching on the outside of the spine.

  2. Susan Griffin says:

    I would love to see a section somewhere that shows a picture and a name for each of the decorative spine stitchings!

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